How not to get a fake bill from an ATM 

Contrary to popular belief, ATMs are not at all reinforced concrete protected from counterfeit bills. Complaints that the “fake” slipped a respectable-looking ATM of a famous bank are met regularly. If you got a fake, and you (as a non-professional) did not notice this, the risk of an explanation with the police about this will fall on you. They lay fakes at ATMs, judging by the quantities in which this happens, corrupt bank employees.
How to avoid the loss of money and nerves associated with an explanation with the police? The easiest way is to never order large cash withdrawals from an ATM, which an ATM can issue by 5,000 bills. It is their fake most often. It is safer to order twice 4500 times, than once 9 thousand rubles. In addition, it is necessary to check the quality of the banknotes received on the spot and immediately, without departing from the ATM, to require an examination and replacement of the note issued to you with a real one at the bank’s expense.

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