How to charge the phone without an outlet 

Under the law of meanness, the phone is discharged at the exact moment when it is most needed. Some carry portable batteries with them and have the opportunity to always charge the phone, but not everyone has it. Sometimes it is useful to know how to turn on a smartphone when there is not a single outlet on hand.
Knife and fire
For this method, you need to pull the battery out of the phone itself. You need to warm up the knife blade on an open fire, and then attach it to the battery. So it will work for 2-3 minutes, and after use it will need to be thrown away. The most important thing in this method is not to overheat the battery. Otherwise, it will burn.
For this method, you must also remove the battery from the phone. If you find yourself in nature, and there is no electricity around, but there are stones, you can hit the battery on them. It was once done with salt batteries, but this method also works for smartphones. After that, charging is enough for one call, and the battery will also need to be thrown out, but in case of emergency, this method will really help.
This method will need a lot of lemons. In this case, the more the better. Their number depends on how many percent of the charge can be left. In each citrus you need to stick a nail, and then connect them together with a copper cord. Its ends must be attached to the battery. Knowledgeable people say that a kilogram of lemons will charge the battery by 3-4%.
Scotch tape
This is the easiest method for which only adhesive tape is required. You need to get the battery out of the phone, seal the contacts on it with tape, and then insert it back. Such simple actions will prolong the battery life by another 5-7 minutes.

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