How to choose a psychic

Is there a place for “magic” in the modern world? Skeptics believe that they are not, but nevertheless millions of people regularly turn to psychics, runners, tarologists with a request to predict the future, find out their fate, describe possible problems in marriage, business, at work – and in almost every sphere of human activity.
There are a lot of people who call themselves astrologers, psychics, card practitioners. This is a street fortune teller at a train station or a bazaar, and a solid woman in her own studio or office, and an imposing man – an expert on Tarot cards, Lenormand, runes and magic. But since there are no clear criteria for the profession, “professional standards”, people rely only on words, less often on recommendations, and quite often, instead of real experts on divination, they fall for charlatans. It’s good if it’s just “rasting”, and not professional swindlers and criminals who rob robbing people this way.
How to distinguish a real pro from a charlatan? Since there are no universal criteria for professional skill, it is not so easy to answer this question, but it is possible. Let’s start with the first – this is, so to speak, an axiom of choice – real experts do not stick to passersby in the streets, do not go to apartments with a suggestion to tell fortunes, do not ring up unfamiliar numbers on the phone, do not write in private messages on social networks and e-mail. They always have a lot of clients, and often there is a queue, painted as it is convenient or convenient for people to contact them. Therefore, the first principle of choosing a wizard on cards is to never get in touch, do not understand anyone on the streets, train stations, bazaars, do not trust people who have suddenly knocked on your door, no matter who they are. Likewise, you should not respond to email messages,
The second principle is that a real specialist has a location, an apartment or office, where he has been receiving for a long time. Like any other professional selling his services, he has no reason to change the premises every week – it will be harder to find him and he will lose some clients. Therefore, a permanent address that works for a long time is one of the main arguments in favor of a specialist – if not as a super professional, but at least as an honest person. Sometimes real practitioners can also be found in cafes – this can now also be treated normally, since the masters prefer neutral territory, there are real masters and specialists who prefer remote communication via video link. But it should be noted that communication in a cafe is possible only at the “consultation” stage,
We go further. Most of the really skillful specialists are known to those who are interested in fortune telling – they have websites on the Internet or pages on social networks, publications in the press, TV shows with their participation, and most importantly – a regular customer audience. And get to them, most often, on the recommendation – personal or correspondence. Therefore, if you want to get to this specialist, it is better to thoroughly study the market of fortune-telling services, read about each of the well-known fortunetellers.
Excessive aura of mystery, flashy outfits, excessive pathos – all this plays against the real professional. Of course, a certain entourage cannot be removed anywhere, but really capable practices on maps, psychics do not focus on external attributes designed to shock or frighten the lesser-known in the occult and esoteric subject of the philistine.
It should be forced to think and excessive attention to the practice of your wallet. A true professional who is preoccupied with his reputation often has more or less fixed rates for his services and will not “deflate” the entire contents of your wallet or card. And his money is of less interest in comparison with the opportunity to once again test his professional skills.
By the way, about professional aspects – a real practitioner will not promise you the golden mountains and the highest career peaks, or, on the contrary, intimidate you with terrible incidents with you or your family. He will calmly and thoroughly tell you what risks you can expect in the near and distant future, what victories you can come to. Thus, it gives you an impulse for thinking, for some own movements in one direction or another. A true master will never give any guarantees to a person who has applied to him.
Another distinctive feature of real practitioners is that they bypass all negative topics, try to teach them as gently as possible so as not to frighten a person or cause any actions that could go to him or his relatives to harm. This approach is inherent to professionals, and not charlatans, whose entire interest in you is purely financial.

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