How to choose men’s shorts: five “yes” and three “never” 

What should be men’s shorts to sit perfectly, look cool, and yes even match the trends of the season?
When buying shorts, keep these five rules in mind – and you will not go wrong.
1. Successful style
The first is to decide on the right, and most importantly, the style that suits your body. Understand what you need – assume that half the work is done. Immediately clarify: we choose shorts in casual style for every day. They are not intended for sports and barbeque trips. In these shorts, meet with friends, walk around the city with his beloved and go to work, if the dress code allows.
It’s simple: you have to choose from only two options. These will be either slightly-fitting chinos or free bermudas.
Now more about each style:
model “chinos” – sitting on the figure, narrowed, rather narrow shorts with side and back pockets. Can you imagine what chinos pants look like? Mentally cut off half a pouch from them – that’s how these universal shorts came out.
model “Bermuda” – straight, loose-fitting shorts, made of thick cotton or flax. They resemble classic men’s trousers (only without arrows), since historically these shorts were a civilian version of the traditional military uniform for the Pacific Islands.
Both chinos and bermudas go well with t-shirts, lightweight shirts with short sleeves and most summer shoes.
By the way, there is a third option – cargo shorts. These are wide shorts with large patch pockets. Why do not they fit into the urban image? Because they are associated with the uniform of movers, and this is not accidental, because in translation from Spanish cargo means “cargo, loading”. Cargo will be useful for outdoor recreation, but not for everyday exits. Every day, only chinos or bermudas (cool models are sold in Westland).
2. Lucky color
We select two win-win options – beige and blue. Although not necessarily limited to these colors. Other muted shades look great: brick, khaki, white, gray, burgundy, dark purple, mustard.
Bright colors are also in fashion: do you want red or yellow shorts? Please just think about what you are going to wear with. If you have a dozen white T-shirts with original prints in your wardrobe, then boldly take shining shorts. Moreover, when to walk in the bright, if not in the summer?
3. Successful length
The next item when choosing a short – length. Buy too short – get hundreds of disapproving looks, too long – look like a stunted country guy.
Remember the rule: shorts reach exactly to the knee or do not reach it by 5–7 cm. Maximum – go down below the knee by 2–3 cm.
In addition, you should focus on growth: for tall men fit shorts to the knee (you can with cuffs) or 3-4 cm above; for low ones, models above the knee are 5–7 cm, without flaps.
4. Good width
It is obvious that walking on the streets in sexually tight shorts is the prerogative of the female half of humanity. Yes, and the average man is unlikely to wear something like that. Again we reduce the choice to two options: 1) tight-fitting, slightly narrowing models – chinos; 2) loose shorts with straight leg – bermuda.
When buying, be sure to consider the thickness of your legs:
If the legs are thin, it is not recommended to wear free-style shorts, they will only emphasize thinness. Take chinos – and you will not regret it.
If your legs are full, stop on classic straight shorts.
5. Good stuff
When choosing a material you should not chase the original solutions. Everything is boring: choose between cotton or denim. The main condition – the skin should breathe, and not to bathe under a thick layer of fabric.
Cotton is a comfortable and lightweight material that does not require complex care. Denim is a great option, but for cool days. If you buy denim shorts, let it be a model with cuffs, without a sloppy fringe. In addition, for the hot summer fit shorts made of flax and sirsakera (zhaty chintz originally from India).
Another important question: what shoes to wear shorts? There are no complicated rules: from any summer. For example, with leather sandals, sneakers or slip-ons from Baldinini.
We have defined what cool shorts are, then look what needs to be avoided. Do not even try on these models.
1. The abundance of decorative parts
Ten pockets, rough rubbing, stripes, chains – this is superfluous. Decorative details, when they are collected in one place, spoil the impression of the image, make it untidy. Follow the rule: “simpler means better,” and no one dares to blame you for lack of taste.
2. Frilly print
I do not want to say a categorical “no” shorts with a print. For example, models with barely noticeable stripes or peas look interesting and do not require special knowledge in the field of fashion. They are easy to fit into the image with a classic T-shirt and shirt. In short, wear to health.
However, bright flowers, intricate geometric shapes, a classic cage – all this instantly turns shorts into … family pants or beach swimsuits. Surrounding people will decide that you forgot to wear pants or go swimming. And if in your city there is no suitable reservoir?
3. Breeches and Capri
Breeches and capris are not shorts! They will not save from the heat, because they are not much different from trousers and bare only ten centimeters in the ankle area. Capri ends at calf level, and this length makes the legs visually shorter. Capri and breeches do not decorate a stylish man, so we advise you to leave them on the store shelf.

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