How to find your perfect perfume sure: there are no women who do not like perfume perfume, there are only those who have not yet met their fragrance
Many of us are faced with the problem of choosing the flavor – it is too sweet, then too banal, then quickly bored. How to choose a perfume that will express your own me? To do this, follow very simple rules.
1. Morning vigor
It is better to choose aroma in the morning – your olfactory receptors at this time work better, therefore aroma will be felt cleaner. In addition, the air in the store will not be saturated with all possible spirits that visitors try.
2. Do not hurry
There is no hurry in choosing a scent. The fact is that in the perfume contains alcohol and inhaling it immediately after spraying, you irritate the nerve receptors of the nose. Thereby you risk not feeling the full flavor. To avoid this error, apply perfume and leave for 5-10 minutes. During this time, all unnecessary alcohol will disappear, and the smell will “sit down” on the skin, and you will be able to feel all the notes of the selected composition.
3. Body contact
If you like the scent, be sure to put it on the body. In perfumery there is a special type of perfume, aldehyde – they change their smell after contact with the body, so each fragrance will be different.
4. Share into groups
Decide which group of flavors you like best: floral, leather, citrus, woody, chypre, fresh and so on. This will help narrow the search among the many compositions presented.
5. Hall assistance
Usually about 200 types of perfume are presented in stores, and it is impossible to test them all. Do not be afraid to ask for help from consultants, they will help you to choose your perfume from all the presented variety.
6. Explore
Perhaps at home you already have perfumes that you liked before. Look on the Internet to find out which notes your perfume contains – this will help you decide on which perfume you prefer. Explore, watch how the fragrance opens, feel the whole palette of smells.
7. Enjoy
Do not turn the search for spirits into torture and wander through the halls of shops for hours. You shouldn’t test more than 3-4 flavors at a time. If, inhaling the aroma, you suddenly feel that the mood suddenly changes for the better, it means that it suits you.

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