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How to pull a splinter without a needle

Pulling a splash with improvised means, but without having the main tool, is not an easy task. Remember how in childhood parents helped us to cope with splinters and pull out the hated slivers with a needle?
If the splinter is in the palm, and there is no needle at hand, try using the folk method. It is necessary to take a bottle or jar with a not very wide neck. Pour hot water there and press the neck tightly with your hand so that the place with a splinter is inside the bottle. Over time, the hand will evaporate and the splinter will come to the surface.
If there is no needle, try finding tweezers at home. Perfect cosmetic tweezers for eyebrows. Gently hold the splinter and try to pull it out.
Soak a place with a splash in water with salt. Over time, the splinter will come to the surface.
A place with a splinter often smear iodine. Iodine will pull a thorn and it will come out without a needle.
If you put a splinter, the best solution is to consult a doctor to rule out possible complications.

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