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How to save on a world tour

You are unlikely to succeed in precisely planning a world tour, but it’s still worth preparing. Therefore, we use a list of useful life hacking for travel and boldly go to collect the suitcases.

Travel Preparation

In order to significantly save book a plane ticket – in advance. And already during the journey itself check the availability of discounts on tickets to those countries that you would like to visit. By the way, you must make a list and sketch an approximate route of travel. In advance you have to plan the entire route, up to an hour, it still does not work out, something can go wrong.
Therefore, we boldly take a map and mark continents first on it, and then countries, but try to arrange your route based on seasonality and holidays. On holidays, due to the large influx of tourists, there may easily be a problem with inexpensive accommodation, and you can hardly look at local sights easily. And the season will depend on how you will be pleased with the weather in a particular country.

We save time, nerves and money

Making a visa online will significantly save your time and nerves. In some countries it is easier to get a visa than in Russia, so don’t be afraid to change the itinerary and apply for a visa abroad. To do this, scan and save all the necessary documents in the cloud, so if necessary, they will always be at your fingertips.
But on what to save just not worth it, so it is insurance. The best option is to get insurance that applies to all countries that you plan to visit. Let it cost more than you expected, but if you go completely without insurance, you risk spending a lot more than you planned for the whole trip. Some countries require you to put mandatory vaccinations before visiting the country, so take care of this in advance and take with you certificates. And of course, do not forget to bring a first aid kit, it can be useful at any time.

How not to be left without money

The risk of being left without money in a foreign country is very high, so keep money in different places, so you will protect yourself in case of theft. To save on cash withdrawal it is better to have several currency cards and withdraw money as needed.
Well, if you still got into a similar situation, then in this case find in advance the remote work. So you can not only travel, but also earn on the way.

Go on a trip

Be sure to download offline maps that do not require an internet connection. They will help you navigate the country. Put some things in your carry-on baggage before the flight so you will save money on your luggage. In order not to lose a lot of time for moving – choose night flights, so you can sleep and start exploring a new area in the morning.
But there are places that cannot be reached by train or bus, so sometimes you will need to book a car, and even better a house on wheels. This should be done only in proven international companies. Download the apps in advance to show you the nearest gas stations and parking lots.

We save on accommodation

To save as much as possible on accommodation, you need to book rooms online, so you can safely come to the country without worrying about accommodation. Upon arrival, ask the owners to first check the number, and then pay for it.
Hotels and apartments for accommodation should be chosen only in safe areas. Do not forget about the possibility of spending the night at the campsite, for this you will only need a tent.
Excursions, souvenirs and communication
To save on communication, try to make calls on Skype and buy SIM cards in the countries you visit, it is very important to stay in touch in order to find a hotel, cafe or shop at the right time.
Traditional souvenirs are also better not to take. It’s easier to buy a postcard and sign it, so by the end of the trip you will have a whole collection.
Look for free tours and excursions in the countries you visit.


In each country you will need to exchange money for local currency. Carefully look at the documents and check the exchange rate. Often it can exceed the rate stated on the scoreboard.
And most importantly, unleash your senses. Do what you always wanted. When will you get a chance to visit these countries again?

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