How to wear a white t-shirt this summer 

Monochrome white T-shirt is indispensable in winter and summer. Correctly chosen (from dense cotton and with a neckline that suits your face type), this will serve as an ideal base for an infinite number of images. How to wear it this summer in order to accurately fall under the “most fashionable” category is shown on the example of the main journalists.
With neon boats

Victoria Beckham , like no other, knows how to wear basic things so that it would like to repeat. This summer, an icon of style walks a white T-shirt with black loose jeans, and adds a zest to the image with the help of neon balenciaga boats. At the same time, the former Spice Girls proves that the turns on trousers are not at all the last century, but quite a sure way to make the outfit more interesting.
Tying at the waist

Remembering the 1990s and copying Britney from the Baby One More Time clip is a good idea. So does the blogger Sophia Coelho, who ties a white monochrome T-shirt at the waist. So we used to do, going to the beach, but Coelho proves that a bare belly can organically look in the city. The main thing – to choose a voluminous jacket and slightly inflated shorts.
With colorful pants

A white T-shirt, it seems, is designed to make it safe to put on trendy experiments. One of them has already successfully tested Blanca Miro: she fills the base thing in jeans with a leopard print – stylishly and not a bit pretentious. Hair can be arranged in a slightly sloppy bundle, and on the legs choose concise shoes with a small heel.
With jeans in color

Total white (or almost) is always a good choice, especially in summer, when there really is an opportunity to catch dry weather. Fashion blogger, known in Instagram under the name filis_pina, shows how to do it in the most relaxed (but outrageously stylish) way: combine a plain white T-shirt and loose jeans that are slightly different in tone, and choose your favorite “conversions” as a shoe .
Skirt with sequins and flip-flops

Finally, the most desperate fashionistas are dictated by the style of Maria Bernad. The fashionist took the white t-shirt and jacket from the “other’s shoulder” as a basis and expanded the basic tandem with the flip-flops fashionable this season and, surprise, with a skirt in sequins. Of course, we do not recommend to come to the office this way, but such a set is ideal for a fashionable photo shoot or party.

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