How to wear see-through items and not look vulgar

We are used to seeing almost absent dresses on western stars: almost every red carpet has a place for transparent fabrics. However, in everyday life it is quite problematic to mix such daring things with the rest of the wardrobe. We will consider several options that are not shocked by others.
Transparent blouse in combination with a sundress
Translucent blouse perfectly “friends” with a variety of dresses: both on top of them, and under. You can choose absolutely any length of sundress, even a leather version would be appropriate, but the best thing is to focus on one thing – for example, you should not choose a dress of flashy shades or in sequins – monochrome to help you, and focus on the blouse.
Sheer dress and long sleeve shirt
In this image, you can experiment with the sleeves: lacing, prints, lowered sleeves, etc. But no one forbids you to wear a simple white shirt, but in this case it is desirable to beat the dress, for example, a dress with embroidery or another bright accent is perfect – yes, all this is possible on guipure with organza. Just do not get carried away much, the print can be either on the dress or on the shirt, and the brighter the print, the simpler the rest of your image should be.

Pants and transparent dress
Quite a complex set, but it can be “mastered” if desired. The main thing in this case is monotony or at least a difference in color by several tones. The dress is best to choose a free fit, but the pants on the contrary should fit you, if you wish, you can emphasize the waist with a belt.
Dense top layer
It is difficult to decide on a frank image with a transparent element for the first time, if you haven’t looked in the direction of such things before, put on a jeans or leather jacket over the top of the top or blouse. Going to an informal meeting, look at the classic jacket, which immediately reduces the degree of imagination of others.

What to do with the laundry?
Probably the most popular mistake (and someone makes it on purpose) is a proud demonstration of underwear from under a thin top. And it is good if the underwear matches in tone with a top or blouse, because many people do not sin with contrasts – a white transparent blouse and a black sconce. Doubtful decision.
So you do not need to, instead, you will come to the aid of a crochet top or an additional top on thin straps. Also suitable body, special underwear with elongated straps, which you can change depending on the cut of clothing.

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