Where the blue Danube is splashing and Balaton is full of sailing boats, where paprika grows and Heviz lotus flowers bloom all year round, where black-browed hostesses of taverns and chard do not tire of treating travelers with smoking goulash and sweet tokas, there live romantic and melancholic Magyars, they are Hungarians.
Inventive Hungary is considered the birthplace of matches and Rubik’s cube, ballpoint pens and kinescope, color television and sound recording, as well as a catastrophically complex language with 25 cases – a special pride of the Hungarian nation.
And this fertile land gave the world chardash and Franz Liszt with its Hungarian Rhapsodies, the Ikarus bus and Imre Kalman with his operettas, the Esterhazy cake and George Soros with his foundation. Even the legendary hussars, bold, funny, reckless – and those from Hungary.
Modern tourist Hungary is a thermal spa resorts and water parks, yacht clubs and wineries, ancient castles and culinary masterpieces.
And this is the sunniest country in Central Europe: the sun shines 1979 hours per year!
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