If you leave power: 7 sure ways to recharge your batteries 

When there is not enough energy, we feel sleepy, tired, sometimes even physically unwell. What to do if we experience similar sensations during the day? We can not do without “recharging”.
The body can not do without oxygen. If you sit in the office for days on end, and in the evenings you don’t leave the apartment, you may simply miss the fresh air. The smallest thing that needs to be done for any ailments is to open the windows and air the room. And even better – go out at least half an hour. And it does not matter what the weather and time of year. It awakens, refreshes, gives energy to the whole body.
Make compliments
It may seem incredible, but the fact remains: you want to please yourself, praise the other. Moreover, it is at such moments that a powerful exchange of energies takes place. Give a bit of your positive – get an answer in the form of gratitude. And both sides benefit in the end.
When your strength is running out, it may seem logical to lie down and rest. But much more effective method is any kind of physical activity. It is not necessary to pick up a dumbbell, go for a run or go to the gym. A walk, a few simple exercises or a small cleaning in the room will be enough. After such a shake-up, you seem to wake up, feel awake again.
Snack right
Bring with you to work miracle products that give more energy. Especially useful are fruits, vegetables and berries with a high content of vitamin C. Nutritionists advise to drink more pure non-carbonated water, green tea with lemon or freshly squeezed orange juice. The rise of forces causes the fruits of red, purple and blue due to the high content of special substances called anthocyanins. Also note the tea with ginseng. It helps the body produce more energy.
Wear something bright
Scientists have shown that clothing dark and gloomy tones impair mood. Want to cheer up – choose something brighter. And sometimes a small scarf with a striking print greatly changes the appearance for the better. Interestingly, we all treat people in bright clothes better than those who prefer something darker. For colleagues, family and friends, they seem more confident, energetic and positive.
Think pleasant
Psychologists believe that visualization works wonders. For example, you know from experience how pleasant it is to relax in the summer on the beach by the sea. But before the holiday is still very far away, and fatigue is felt now. And what to do? You need to close your eyes and try to imagine yourself at the resort. The sand warms the body, the bright sun shines, children splash and laugh in the water. Enhance the feeling can be appropriate music – the sound of the waves. A few minutes of this kind of meditation will immediately become easier.
Listen to your favorite music
Energetic melodies are useful with a breakdown. Music, in principle, activates the pleasure center in the brain, and classical music is considered to be ideal. Such composers as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Strauss are considered the most useful for our health. But if you do not like the classics, do not push yourself. Listening to exactly the music that you like best will surely improve your mood and give you a charge of vivacity and optimism.

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