In China, a teenager accidentally found dinosaur eggs

A Chinese schoolchild accidentally found a nest in a ravine in which there were 11 petrified dinosaur eggs. According to scientists, their age is about 66 million years, writes Sina.
Experts believe that eggs appeared appeared shortly before the complete disappearance of dinosaurs.
The boy admitted to reporters that he did not immediately realize that he had found something unique. According to him, at first he thought he had stumbled upon a strange stone.
Scientists from the local museum have carefully studied one of the finds and found that the child discovered the dinosaur egg. Later, archaeologists took from the earth several remains of ancient creatures.
At present, eggs for further research were brought in and were delivered to a museum in Heyuan City (Guangdong Province, southeast China). Scientists expect to find any more valuable artifacts on the spot where dinosaur eggs were found.
Recall, on the eve of western France, paleontologists discovered the bone of a giant dinosaur sauropod.

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