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In China, men will be banned from walking with a bare belly 

Chinese authorities have decided to ban the most fashionable men’s trend – “Beijing bikini.” Now they can be fined for a large amount for this, the MIR 24 TV channel reports.
“Beijing Bikini” – it is the custom of men to expose the stomach in extreme heat. At first, only Chinese from the working class behaved this way, but gradually this method of cooling began to gain popularity. The authorities decided that such an appearance does not decorate citizens and creates an incorrect image of the country.
In the city of Jinan, photographs of those who go out to the streets with a bare-chested or barefoot will be published in the “disgraceful page” in a local newspaper.
Note that in early summer, netizens criticized the new bikini model for excessive frankness. Swimsuit consists of a V-shaped panties with a high rise and bodice, which opens the bottom of the chest. Users immediately noted that in this outfit it is hardly possible to swim normally, the chest will fall out all the time.

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