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In Germany, warned about the “sudden blow” of Russia

Russia can inflict a sudden, including nuclear, strike on  Ukraine and some other countries. On this, as  reported by Welt, says the report of the former Permanent Under Secretary of NATO Henry Brouse and Director of the Institute of Security Policy of the University of Kiel , Joachim Krause .
According to them, Moscow is seeking confrontation with the West in order to change the world order. At the same time, she realizes that she will not be able to defeat NATO entirely, and intends to undermine the cohesion of the organization.
For this, the Russian authorities are going to unleash regional wars in Europe, and are already preparing for this. Braus and Krause are convinced that Moscow will deliver an unexpected, including, possibly, a nuclear, strike on Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States and / or the Black Sea region.

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