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In Indonesia, obese cops sent to lose weight 

In Indonesia, it was decided that a policeman should be a model not only in behavior, but also in appearance. And the most obese were sent to a slimming camp, reports MIR 24.
Weight loss courses are designed for 10 days. In addition to a special diet, full-time law enforcement officers expect a lot of fitness, swimming, jogging and walking long distances. Moreover, despite the thirty-degree heat, on the street they are allowed to appear only in winter jackets. Sweating heavily, they quickly lose those extra pounds. More police officers are waiting for classes with psychologists who will help them get rid of internal problems: often the guards of order try to drown them with copious amounts of junk food.
“The program is very useful for anyone who is inclined to be overweight. Being overweight makes us less agile when we are on patrol. After I joined the program, I feel healthier. For example, when I wake up in the morning, I do not feel any pain, ”
– says police officer Ivan Sutanto.

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