In Saratov, a woman hit by a car flew into the windshield of a trolley bus 

A car on Thursday in the center of Saratov to death killed a woman at a pedestrian crossing, who flew into the oncoming trolley bus from a blow through the windshield, the traffic police told RIA Novosti .
Earlier, a record appeared in  Youtube from video surveillance cameras, where you can see a woman being hit by a car at high speed when she crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing. From the blow, the woman was thrown forward with such force that she flew through the windshield into the salon of the oncoming trolleybus, while the car itself also crashed into the same trolleybus.
The accident occurred at the intersection of Moskovskaya and Komsomolskaya streets.
“According to preliminary data, the 23-year-old driver of the LADA Priora car violated the pedestrian crossing rules and hit a 47-year-old female pedestrian, after which the woman hit the trolleybus traveling in the opposite direction, and the driver of the Priory collided with the trolleybus. the pedestrian died on the spot, “said the agency interlocutor.
Traffic police on the fact of the accident carries out an inspection, the circumstances of the incident are specified, she added.
A spokesman for the regional Ministry of Health, Irina Schwarzkopf, clarified to RIA Novosti that the driver of the car was hospitalized in a state of moderate severity;

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