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In Thailand, married a 6-year-old brother and sister

Every nation has traditions and superstitions that go back deep into the centuries. For hundreds of years, some have been lost, and many have changed. Some of them can be explained, but there are those that can plunge a civilized person into shock.
The other day in one of the districts of the Thai capital held a magnificent wedding ceremony, reports the Daily Mail. That’s just not clear whether the whole essence of what is happening to the heroes of the occasion. After all, the 6-year-old boy and girl were literally “young”. And besides, the twins. Many will call it insanity, but let’s hear the parents of the newlyweds.
Everything was clear to the families of these children since their birth. Brother and sister were born in the fall of 2012 with a difference of a few minutes. According to Buddhist belief, it is believed that the opposite-sex twins are karmically related, because in the past life they were together, but for unclear reasons were separated. And if they were born together in the next life, then this is of course in order to finally tie up their destinies.
Parents of twins holding this unusual wedding cost a pretty penny. The celebration turned out to be just gorgeous – there was a crowded street procession and even a test of the groom. To meet with the bride, he had to go through 9 gates and pay a ransom of about $ 1000. Then a traditional wedding photo session took place. Photo: YouTube
Parents of children firmly believe that the wedding of a brother and sister is necessary so that they are healthy, successful and they do not have to face difficulties in life. Photo: YouTube
The only thing that justifies this unusual superstition – the wedding of twins does not have any legal force and is only a tribute to long-standing traditions. In the future, having reached the age of majority, each of the children can choose a life partner by himself.

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