In the office in the heat: how to look stylish and do not overheat

We are all waiting for the summer because of the heat and the opportunity to go on vacation. However, no one has canceled the work, and going to the office in the heat can be a real test if you do not prepare in advance for leaving the house.
Choose the right laundry
It would seem that everyone has long been aware of the incompatibility of open things and underwear, which is demonstrated in this case to others. Bra straps that are cheekyly peeking out from under their clothes do not color anyone and talk about your bad taste. It is clear that in the summer we wear mostly thin fabrics, it is difficult to hide underwear, but try to choose underwear from lightweight material without thick seams and stones – a great option for a light dress. And if you decide to wear a top with bare shoulders, you should refuse from sconces.
White shirt – must-have in the heat
It’s hard to imagine office style without a classic shirt. A huge plus of this piece of clothing is that you can choose the fabric and its density to your taste. You can perfectly mix such a versatile top with straight knee-length skirts, dress pants and even jeans. As for accessories, choose minimalism, since the classics do not tolerate complex decorations.
And what to choose from shoes?
Classic dress code does not mean shoes with an open nose, but if you can afford such shoes – you are very lucky. No matter how loyal the appearance of the employees of the bosses, the beach clothes will be irrelevant in any case: no flip flops and sandals with a straw sole. And do not forget about pedicure.
Choosing a skirt
It would not want to get your favorite shorts for the office, they will be inappropriate. Instead, look at the pretty midi skirt: firstly, you will not feel hot, secondly, you will not embarrass your colleagues, and, thirdly, even the most strict dress code will not make you “cook” in such a skirt.
Do not combine things
Let you be crazy about the new dress with a funny print that you bought for walking with your friends, do not outweigh it in the wardrobe for the office. If your profession does not belong to a number of creative ones, believe me, no one will appreciate your originality, but you will definitely get a portion of oblique views. So put it off until the next exit with your friends.
No torn jeans
Firstly, even for walks around the city, torn jeans are no longer suitable, since the fashion was gone a couple of years ago, and secondly, the office is not the most suitable place for “walking” of such things anyway. At a minimum, you run the risk of running into a management comment.
No black stuff!
Suppose that in our latitudes we spend most of the time in the cold, yet in the summer it is worthwhile to diversify your wardrobe. If the dress code forces you to add dark accents to the image, pick up a few elements of clothing in dark blue or graphite – an excellent substitute for deep black, which in summer will be too gloomy a decision.

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