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In the Urals, found a toilet in the form of the royal throne

In the mansion for sale in the Chelyabinsk region, found a toilet in the form of the throne of the French kings. Reported URA.RU.
A plumbing fixture with a back made of ash, thorned under aged oak, and decorated with an ashtray on the armrest, is decorated with a candlestick, a music box and a sign with a fragment of a 19th century French poet Alfred de Musset. When draining water, drowning out unpleasant sounds, a special bell rings. The toilet is estimated at 1.36 million rubles.
In addition, complete with the “throne” is offered a washbasin in retro style – with an under-base and a carved board made of solid ash, on which is placed an oval mirror.
Last fall, a gold toilet and a bidet were found in the three-story house of the owner of a network of underground casinos from Yakutia. The mansion of a 44-year-old illegal entrepreneur was designed in the style of a pseudo-Baroque. A bathroom with marble floors was also decorated with rocail wallpaper and a mirror in a gilded frame.

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