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International experiment on imitation of the moon flight completed in Moscow

The SIRIUS international project, in which an international group of participants modeled the crew’s work for four months during the flight to the Moon, ended on Wednesday in  Moscow , the RIA Novosti correspondent from the Institute of Biomedical Problems ( RAS ) reported .
“The current experiment will allow preparing future missions to the moon,” Sergei Savelyev, deputy director general of Roscosmos for international cooperation , said at the ceremony of the completion of the experiment .
The six participants in the experiment left the ground-based experimental complex, simulating a spaceship in which they were isolated from the outside world since March 19. They were met by relatives, scientists from Russia and other countries, journalists.
A total of six people participated in the experiment: the commander was Yevgeny Tarelkin, flight engineers Daria Zhidova, researchers Allen Mirkadyrov (USA), Anastasia Stepanova and Reinhold Povilaitis (USA), as well as doctor Stefania Fedyai.
For four months, the experiment participants managed to fly conditionally to the Moon, make exits to its surface and return to Earth. In addition, the crew carried out a large research program to study the effect of isolation in a confined space on human psychology and physiology and relations in a different sex crew.
The scientific program of the experiment SIRIUS-2019 included 79 experiments. The research results will be used in preparation for the long-term space research mission.

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