The smallest of all the Central Asian republics, still very Soviet, cheap and friendly, Kyrgyzstan is famous for its nature. It is called the “Asian Switzerland” because a third of the country is covered with snow-capped and carpeted Tayan-Shan mountains covered with jayloo meadows.
And in the mountains, like pearls in the shells, sparkle the mirror-like water of the lake. The most precious of them is Issyk-Kul, a salty lake-sea, a health resort of republican significance with ancient cities drowned at the bottom and rare tornadoes-creators of fish rains. There are historical monuments in Kyrgyzstan – the ancient city of Osh, placers of stones with prayers and petroglyphs, remnants of settlements, mosques, but the author of the most impressive “buildings”, including Konochrok castle canyons, is still nature.
A trip to Kyrgyzstan for those who have not been there may seem difficult. If only because the country does not yet have an official tourist portal, and most hotels, recreation centers, museums and restaurants have their own websites.
In the case of Kyrgyzstan, it is very appropriate to turn to the assistance of travel agencies, most often consisting of a couple of local residents, “who know everything”. They will help organize an equestrian campaign, abandon the gorge, suggest a route, organize a licensed hunt or life with real nomads (what is called “jailoo-tourism” ). An alternative and perhaps the best option is to organize a trip on your own, turning to the local ones as needed.
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