Lexus presents a new children’s collection of clothes and accessories Kids Collection 

Lexus presents a new stylish collection of clothes and accessories for kids and teens Kids Collection in the collection of Lexus Boutique.
The new Kids Collection will go on sale in all official Lexus dealerships from June 1, 2019.
The new line will complement four collections of clothes and accessories for Lexus Boutique, designed specifically for the Russian market, and will provide a choice not only to demanding customers of Lexus models, but also to their children.
The collection includes the most popular accessories that will be useful to children in everyday life and traveling.
In the design of the Kids Collection can be traced characteristic motif design models Lexus.
To learn more about the Kids Collection, visit  the Lexus Boutique website .
June 1, 2019, the Lexus dealer network in the Russian Federation begins selling a new, stylish Kids Collection, created especially for children and teenagers who like bold design and who would like to drive like their parents. The line of clothes and accessories for the Kids Collection will complement the collection of Lexus Boutique collections.
The collection uses bright and pastel colors, as well as original prints with silhouettes of Lexus cars and animal faces, which are associated with the design of Lexus RX, NX and UX crossovers.

The Kids Collection collection includes the most popular accessories for children, which can be useful both in everyday life and in travel. For example, an original coloring book with pencils and stickers in the set will take the child and develop his love for the visual arts, and capacious pencil cases will help keep writing materials intact.
Hoodies and T-shirts with bright prints and comfortable cut will appeal to both children and teenagers and are perfect for outdoor activities. A soft pad on a car’s seat belt will become an indispensable accessory for traveling with a child, and a soft toy bear, with the function of turning into a pillow for the neck, will become a true friend during the trip. Also, the Kids collection includes two sets of metal badges with the image of a car and its parts for boys, with the image of polygonal animal muzzles for girls.

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