Little girl survived on a raft in the ocean 

The long-awaited family trip turned into a tragedy. The girl drifted for several days on a small raft on the high seas until she was miraculously detected. However, what happened she was able to tell only a few decades later.
This story happened back in 1961. An oculist from Minnesota, Arthur Duppero, dreamed of going on a trip with his wife and children on a yacht in the Caribbean – from Florida to the Bahamas. He worked hard, saved money. When the required amount was collected, he found the captain Julian Harvey, who chartered his yacht. There were seven people on board: Arthur Duppero, his wife Jean, their three children, and Captain Harvey with wife Mary. Everything went according to plan, but one day the captain was distraught and began to kill, only 11-year-old Tere could survive. The criminal left her alive so that she would help him untie the boat and escape from the sinking yacht, with which he prudently opened the valves. When the deal was done, he pounced on Tera with a knife, but she let go of the rope and the captain did not get to her. The calculation was that she would die with the yacht.
When Captain Harvey reached the coast, he announced that his yacht had burned down and everyone but him had died. However, the girl, drifting on the wreck of a yacht, was noticed by a Greek cargo ship that was heading for the shores of Florida. Tere stayed on the open sea without food and water for four days, she received a third-degree burn from the sun’s rays, but still managed to tell who she was before losing consciousness.

When Captain Harvey found out about the rescue of Thera, he committed suicide, and the truth about this tragedy became known only 50 years later. The silence, which has kept all this time, Tere wrote the book “Orphaned in the Ocean”, in which she described what happened and how she managed to survive all this.
Former military Julian Harvey owed a large sum, he insured his wife before the trip and hoped to kill her for the sake of insurance. Mary learned about everything and told the doctor, Harvey had to attack with a knife not only his wife, but also her passengers. At that moment Tera was already sleeping in the cabin, woke up from the noise, and when she went up to the deck she saw that her relatives had died at the hands of the captain.

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