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Lolita: “We exhaled only when we crossed the border of Russia” 

“Just not to shoot! We all suffer!” It was this phrase that I most often heard in two days spent with concerts for the indigenous people of Lugansk and  Donetsk, “the singer wrote on Instagram. On a trip to the LPR and DPR, an important lesson in life and about how  Vladimir Zelensky looks like the Queen of England, Lolita told RIA Novosti in an interview.
For me, this is another lesson in life that we are living, healthy, who have not endured anything except the inevitable fatal loss of relatives, but by any nonsense. But the fact that these people experienced, losing loved ones, under shelling, and then – being in the blockade, without food … Most of them quit smoking – had to choose between buying food or a pack of cigarettes. People live very poorly, so poorly that it is terrible to imagine.
The horrors that told me about what the locals went through, left such a trace in me that everything else is nonsense.
Imagine what people feel at all who knew what war is, exclusively from movies, just like me and my musicians. Honestly, we exhaled only when we crossed the Russian border. But lighter eyes and feelings than in Lugansk and Donetsk, I have not seen for a long time.
I will tell only one small story. Lugansk Russian Drama Theater named after Luspekaev. When hostilities began, many actors of the troupe left the city – and they were not condemned either then or now.
The director decided that the theater could not be empty. I went to college, recruited first-year students. They happily agreed and for three years, continuing to study, worked for free – just to make the theater live. But the audience did not have a penny, not two, not a ruble. Only this year, they receive diplomas from the institute and remain a well-established company. This is a story about which you can probably make a film.
I know Vova (Vladimir Zelensky. – Ed.) As a wonderful actor, producer and a wonderful, talented person, but I do not know him as president. It is necessary to speak about any activity of the newly elected head of state no sooner than in a year. Since my relatives and close friends still live in Ukraine, I urge them to do the same.
Of course, we all want everything at once. But after all, while there is no Rada, which makes the laws, the president actually can do nothing. Therefore, to condemn and discuss it, in my opinion, is inappropriate. When a man without power, he recalls, to put it mildly, the Queen of England. However, Windsor has at least a budget that subsidizes them … And Zelensky, so far, I think, lives on his own.
Now in Zelensky there is still a certain theatricality, because he is an actor, nowhere can one get out of it. And the way he makes great appeals in two languages ​​to people is, for me, acting. As a person, I can not get rid of it.
How will everything be? I am not a soothsayer, not Wang. But I will say one thing: my favorite multiseries picture “The Servant of the People” is an honest story about how people chose someone – the same as they are – and this, I’m sorry, did not end with anything. Because there are powerful oligarchic and other structures that will crush, lobby, expose their people. And if you watch the series to the end, you can understand how it will end.
And still I want to say that the thirst for peace and hope for it do not die in me. Both are capitalized.

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