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Long test: first impressions of the smallest Jaguar crossover

This is the smallest Jaguar crossover . And at first glance, some kind of it is not yaguarist. He’s like that kid who really wants to be like adults. He sincerely tries with a serious facial expression, but from the side it looks funny. But only. So little E-Pace is trying to be a big EF Pace, but instead it looks a bit “swollen”, too rounded and bloated. No “jaguar” impudence is not serious. Perhaps this is the case when, instead of appearance, a deeper inner world is more important? Here in the next month we will see: Jaguar E-Pace settled in our virtual garage, becoming the next hero of the “Durable tests” rubric.
The car we got at the same time steep and not the most luxurious. Judge for yourself: the top-end 300-horsepower petrol turbo engine 2.0 (the model has nothing more powerful on the Russian market), but at the same time, the R-Dynamic S modification for the base engine does not have a panoramic roof, a cool audio system, an electronic dashboard or projection display, which can be ordered for a fee. But the empty (and even less budget) bundle to call the language does not turn.
The equipment includes leather trim, LED lights, a rear-view camera, navigation, a simple six-speaker audio system, electric mirrors and auto-dimming rear-view mirrors, climate and cruise control, road marking and retention systems. And there is such a car without any optional tinsel 3.5 million rubles. Absolutely not budget.
Salon is not to say that it looks expensive, rich and premium. Yes, there is a leather seat trim, the steering-wheel switches click and click the buttons, but the plastic on the central console is simple, the climate-control knobs slightly play, and there are no ceiling handles on the ceiling. At all. Nowhere. I see this for the first time, to be honest.
And here it is closely. With my 1.7 meters tall, I sit almost flush: despite the fully lowered chair, I almost reach the ceiling with my crown, and at the side the door handle and the central tunnel are under pressure.
On the other hand, I like the fact that the doors here completely close the thresholds – they will remain clean in dirty weather. The rear seats do not have adjustments, but for a short ride here it is quite comfortable. I can get by myself with a good supply of free space in my knees, and my feet can easily fit under a front seat.
The equipment of this version includes heated rear seats, but no entertainment for second-row passengers is not provided. There is a 12-volt outlet and a niche for small things in the rear armrest, but there are no USB ports for recharging gadgets on the road.
The trunk in numbers is quite good – 577 liters. Almost ten liters more than, for example, the  Skoda Octavia. But if you subtract almost 90 liters, which eats dokatka under the floor, the picture is not so rosy – at the level of the hatchback golf class. Although the cargo compartment itself is convenient: low loading height and lack of steps between the floor and the edge of the opening. True, to fold the rear seats out of the trunk does not work – there are no buttons and levers. Behind this will have to go to the salon, to the very rear sofa.
E-Pace is not only the smallest “Jag”, but also the only one with a transverse engine (for the other models of the brand, the classic longitudinal layout with rear-wheel drive character). It is also very heavy – at least 1.7 tons (for comparison, the BMW X1, with which the little Briton plays in the same league, weighs 1.5 tons), and in the version with a 300-horsepower engine, its curb weight reaches almost 1, 9 tons! And this is despite the aluminum in the hood and wings.
Fortunately, the huge mass in fact is almost not felt. The car eagerly jumps into a turn – the crossover is always assembled and configured, it can even be too tight, but active drivers will definitely like it. On the steering wheel juicy effort, but information could be added. And generously.
An almost two-ton crossover on the passport is gaining a “hundred” in just 6.4 seconds: the car is really very dynamic, even unnecessarily, especially in the sport mode, in which the machine stops podduplivat. But 300 forces is 300 forces, therefore, the situation with E-Pace is not very good. In urban mode, the SUV can easily eat 13-14 liters per “hundred”.
On a good road, the “mini Jag” seems even comfortable: good stability on the straight and silence in the cabin. But as soon as the broken asphalt begins, which, alas, is still more than even freeways, as you are ready to renounce everything you said earlier. To exchange all driver’s habits and E-Pace’s speed for smoothness and convenience when traveling a little farther than from work to home and back.
But overall, the first impression is positive. And if I absolutely don’t like what the Jaguar E-Pace looks like from the outside, the interior is comfortable, though not without oddities. And the car goes just fine, although comfort is not enough.
In the next part, we will summarize, compare the crossover with competitors and calculate the cost of ownership. So, do not switch! / m Specifications

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