Mayan civilization killed one plant 

Scientists from the University of Chicago (USA) have named the unexpected cause of the collapse of the Mayan civilization, which flourished in Central America for several thousand years.
According to them, the Maya could become victims of excessive love for corn, reports Current Anthropology.
The authors of the study studied about 50 skeletons from the graves of Belize. The age of the remains ranged from 735 BC to 850 AD.
The isotopic composition of the bones showed what the ancient tribes ate, and it turned out that the main dish for them was corn.
In early times, the Mayans diversified their diet with various wild plants and animal meat.
But gradually the corn began to “crowd out” all the other dishes, and at some point the Maya almost switched to mono-diet.
This situation threatened not only nutrient deficiencies. Maya began to depend on the corn crop, and this plant is very sensitive to weather disasters.
Scientists have concluded that the crisis struck around 750-900 AD – a growing population could no longer feed on agriculture. Droughts began, which are very dangerous for corn fields, yields began to fall, and a strong famine began.
Obviously, civilization could not cope with such a test and practically ceased to exist.
Recall, according to another version, the Maya exterminated each other during internecine conflicts.

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