Megan Markle became a laughing stock in the eyes of conservatives because of a plump figure 

Megan Markle began to appear in public after giving birth. Especially close attention, she fell at the premiere of “The Lion King”. She is compared to the Duchess of Cambridge, who immediately after birth gave birth to her form. Network users, more precisely, its conservative part, pounced on Megan Markl for completeness. On the other hand, the progressive part of the public admires the Duchess of Sussex, writes Gazeta.ru.
We can say that the British are shocked by the fact that in 2 months Megan Markle has not lost weight. At the premiere of “The Lion King” on the prince Harry’s wife was a dress that neither plump hands nor shoulders hid, and the skirt was pulling on her stomach. Social networks are still arguing, good or bad is that the ex-actress parades her figure.
“Do you know what is really valuable? I approve of Megan Markle, who goes into society so soon after the birth of her son and does not hide her body, ”wrote one of Twitter users.
Another expressed the hope that now people are aware of how women look after a child in reality. Opponents of Megan Markle talk about  Kate Middleton , who a couple of months after the birth of children looked perfect. Of course, she had to do a lot of sports and sit on a strict diet. Advocates of Megan Markle say that women have different genetics, and the ex-actress may be harder to get back in shape, you can not blame her for not wanting to play sports, especially considering that she is a fan of yoga and swimming. By the way, Kate Middleton had problems with nausea and dehydration, and she had to lie under a drip, so her weight at the time of the birth of children was small.
Unfortunately, such arguments did not convince the monarchists, who believe that a member of the royal family should always look impeccable, according to Express News. But from the very beginning, Megan stood her ground and showed to the public that she was not going to act in favor of the public.
And yet many Britons support Megan precisely because of her “democratically” plump figure, while Kate Middleton’s “skinny” causes hostility. The wife of Prince William was even persecuted because of his grooming after childbirth. Some women were offended by a photo where Kate, with styling and makeup, posed with a third newborn child. The British began to upload their photos after childbirth. So Megan Markle showed that the Windsors are mere mortals. And the popular blogger from England even wrote a laudatory post to the stout figure of Megan and the courage to show it.

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