Men’s clothes that have a place in the women’s wardrobe

The idea of ​​wearing men’s things came into fashion for a long time. Many women’s things remind them, and all because they were carved first for men, and after they were borrowed into the female wardrobe a bit modified. But now in the trend overseas and not for the size of you men’s things, of course, with a reasonable approach and more comparable volumes.
T-shirt. Men’s t-shirt is good to hook under the jacket. In order not to overdo it with this image, put on the bottom is not free cut.
Sweaters Any men’s sweater, pigs or cardigan is the same oversize, which will be warm, cozy and fashionable at the moment. It is worth wearing with narrow jeans or trousers.
Shirt. Warm men’s shirts made of cotton or wool flannel, can serve you as a light jacket. Basically, the choice of shirt should fall on the colors in a large cage. Ordinary cotton shirts look good in blue, but the size should still not be very large from the usual one that you wear.
Cap. Men’s hat is larger than women’s. She will not squeeze her head and lick her hair. And also they are good because they are made in soothing colors and without any unnecessary rhinestones and bows.
Clock. What could be more beautiful than large men’s watches that emphasize the fragility of women’s hands. They will complement any image with a highlight of minimalism, because of its concise, without unnecessary details of the design. By the way, at the moment, many manufacturers use men’s design in the women’s watch line.

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