Milk is most likely to relieve a burning sensation in the mouth

Typically, this feeling occurs after eating spicy food, which includes chili.
The study involved 72 people. They needed to drink a cocktail with capsaicin, writes
Experts then suggested to the participants to get rid of the burning sensation with the help of seven different drinks. Among them were plain and sparkling water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer, whole and skimmed milk, and cherry drink.
The results of the experiment showed that milk copes better and faster with discomfort after eating spicy food. In this case, it does not matter whether it is fat free or whole. The fact is that milk contains casein. It is he who neutralizes the action of capsaicin.
Scientists also noted: well eliminate the burning sensation and sweet drinks. Water, unfortunately, did not help the participants to cope with discomfort. Alcohol and carbonated drinks increased the discomfort.
Earlier, Yellmed wrote that Roscontrol experts checked the quality of milk from seven manufacturers.

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