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“Million is not enough”: Sedokova revealed monthly spending 

Singer Anna Sedokova , who bought an apartment in Moscow with a mortgage  , told how much money she had to spend per month. The singer told about this on the show “50 questions”, the issue was published on YouTube.
“I pay for a rented apartment, do repairs in my own, I have a mortgage. I’m afraid to even call the number. A million is definitely not enough with all the spending, ”the singer said.
Sedokova noted that 10-15 people work for her team and she should also be paid salaries.
During the filming of the interview, the singer was driving Maybach. She said that before that she had a Geländewagen and Audi A8.
The most expensive thing in her wardrobe Sedokova called sneakers for four thousand dollars (more than 250 thousand rubles).
At the end of last year, the singer announced the purchase of an apartment in the mortgage. The first installment was 30 percent of the apartment price, although she expected to pay ten percent. As a result, she had to go to the pawnshop, Sedokova told
“I remember how I sit in the toilet on the floor and ponder over the fact that I have to sell my cross to scrape up money. As a result, I, Anna Sedokova, are incredible and amazing, I get in the car and carry a cross to the pawnshop. How I roared there in this pawnshop, ”said the singer.
According to her, one cross was not enough, the money had to borrow from friends.

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