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Minister resigned after exposing anti-corruption activists

Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy , François de Rugee, resigned in the face of a scandal of embezzlement of budget money for luxury dinners with friends. He wrote about this on Tuesday, July 16, on his Facebook page.
According to the minister, the efforts that need to be spent on defense against attacks do not allow him to calmly and effectively carry out the mission entrusted to him by the president and the prime minister. That is why he submitted his resignation in the morning.
De Ryuzhi added that he sued the Mediapart portal, which specializes in investigative journalism, accusing it of slander. The politician said that the publication since last week, attacking him “on the basis of stolen photographs, gossip and rough estimates.” He pointed out that journalists are clearly aiming at “harming, denigrating, destroying”.
Since September 2018, he occupies the post of Minister of Ecology de Ryuzhi. Charges of embezzlement relate to his tenure as chairman of the lower house of parliament (national assembly) in 2017-2018.
The mediapart on July 10 reported that the official and his spouse organized at least a dozen sumptuous dinners, to which up to 30 people were invited, mostly from among the friends of the couple. At the same time, photographs of such meals contain bottles of wine from parliamentary stocks worth 500 euros each. The politician himself declared “informal dinners with representatives of civil society, which is connected with the performance of duties” at the post.

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