Model Muslim starred on the beach in a diving suit and made it to the final of “Miss England” 

21-year-old Aisha Khan from the British county of Lancashire has challenged the usual outright beach shots.
The finalist of the contest “Miss England” stated that the Muslim faith forbids her to wear excessively revealing things.
Aisha Khan came out of the situation easily: she decided to wear a wetsuit, with which she participated in the “Miss England” part, which is called “Miss Beach Beauty”. This stage of the competition girls pass at will and, as a rule, pose in a bikini, and then upload photos to the network on their official pages. But Aisha went the other way – she observed both the rules of the competition and the instructions of her faith. According to her, wearing closed clothes is her conscious choice.
Bikini is not the only model of beachwear. I wanted to show that the desire to hide behind can also be a choice. Yes, some women feel stronger, if they wear less clothes, they are so proud of their body, I respect it. But for me, closed clothes are just as inspiring
– quotes girl Daily Mail. Tactics helped: Aisha was among the 20 finalists of the competition.
Aisha Khan is currently studying at the University of Manchester – she is the future teacher. This year, she became the first Asian girl to win the Miss Lancashire title. Maybe it will be she who becomes “Miss England”?

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