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Mold from Earth can capture other planets 

Earth mold was more viable than scientists believed. It can get to other planets of the solar system on aircraft and multiply there. Reports the Science edition about it.
Scientists from the German Aerospace Center in Cologne found out that the mold spores that were on the space station suffered radiation doses 200 times higher than those that are lethal to humans. Endurance makes it difficult to fight this fungus that is dangerous to the cosmonaut’s health.
During the new study, experts “treated” the black mold of Aspergillus niger with X-rays and heavy ions. It is noted that such a lot of mold on the ISS. The radiation intensity during processing was higher than on the surface of Mars (0.2 gray per year). It was found that mold spores can withstand doses from 500 to 1000 grays. In turn, people with radiation at 0.5 gray begin radiation sickness, and at 5 death occurs.
The mold also experienced high-energy ultraviolet radiation, which the researchers planned to sterilize the surfaces of spacecraft. Earlier experiments showed that mold resistance increases in vacuum.

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