Monstrous tendencies from which women died in agony

In the 21st century, when most cosmetic procedures can be done quickly and painlessly, it’s hard to imagine that women used to risk their lives to stay attractive.
Swan neck
Many girls originally from Myanmar and Thailand still scoff at their health just to … stretch their necks. Girls are taught this from their very childhood – at the age of five years, a spiral is twisted around their necks for the first time. Every year the spiral increases, and along with it the neck is visually lengthened. In an adult woman, such a helix can weigh up to five kilograms. From the side of the neck and the truth looks swan, but in fact it does not become longer. The effect is achieved due to the deformation of the shoulder girdle. At the same time, the neck muscles will atrophy, and if a woman decides to break free from the shackles, she is likely to die from a fracture of the cervical vertebrae.
Graceful fragility
A couple of centuries ago, women did not sit on strict diets and did not spend three hours every day in the gym to achieve the desired figure. They had more inventive methods – for example, to get infected with tapeworms. The parasites did not allow the girls to absorb food, which is why they instantly lost weight. Together with the unwanted kilos, women lost their hair and teeth, and soon died from exhaustion.

Smooth skin
Today, X-rays help us diagnose the disease as soon as possible, but when X-rays were only invented, they tried to use it for cosmetic purposes – for example, to remove hair. The vegetation on the body and the truth gradually faded away, but at the same time the skin thinned and wrinkles appeared. A couple of years later, doctors discovered that an innovative method of hair removal had led to a surge in cancer.

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