Nadezhda Krupskaya and Vladimir Lenin: Passion implicated in the revolutionary struggle

Many researchers called Nadezhda Krupskaya no other than the “fighting friend” of the leader of the proletariat, Vladimir Lenin. Like, on a full-fledged wife, she does not pull. Too ugly, and in my head one revolution. Where is there a place for simple human feelings to find?
But, as the news agency Express-News found out, not all of these researchers are right. In this marriage, sometimes very serious passions were in full swing, and Krupskaya herself, in the status of Vladimir Ilyich’s wife, was facing a battle with a rival who, unlike herself, was a very beautiful woman. However, this women’s battle was won by no means beauty.
Lenin and Krupskaya met in 1893 in St. Petersburg at a secret Marxist circle. Gradually made friends, became close. Both have their brains crammed with politics and revolutionary ideas. So, they had something to talk about. But behind these conversations, little by little, they began to look at each other and on the other side. Especially the feelings were noticeable in Krupskaya. Once, when the future leader fell down with severe pneumonia, Nadezhda became his nurse. Although then she was still to him, in fact, no one.
As a result, they got married and Lenin in this marriage did not lose exactly. Hope became for him a reliable rear, a loyal assistant and a real Decembrist. When at the end of the 19th century she was sent to Ufa, and Lenin to the colder Yenisei province, she achieved that she would be transferred there too.
By the way, despite the fact that both were true atheists, they had to go down the aisle. In the famous village of Shushensky, non-believing Marxists did not intend to sign, but the local chief of police said that he would not tolerate depravity and made a condition – either you get married or settled in different localities. Lenin and Krupskaya decided that nothing would happen to them if they went to church.
There were witnesses of those events, claiming that their romance in the first months was incredibly hot. And in exile they could stay out of the hut for days, and it was clear that there the spouses did not just talk.
Surely their union would be even stronger if they had children. But the severe “female” disease, which was the result of her stay in prison, did not give Krupskaya a single chance to become a mother. But in all other respects it was indispensable for Lenin. She was his cook and secretary, laundress and loyal assistant in political affairs. Lenin wrote hundreds of drafts of letters and an article for the Iskra newspaper, and Krupskaya diligently rewrote all this.
Already in adulthood, and without that ugly, Krupskaya had become ill with a geriatric disease, which resulted in bulging eyes and goiter. And, unfortunately, Vladimir Ilyich was carried away by the Communist Inessa Armand, with whom he had been acquainted since 1909. True, here too, historians are divided into two camps. Some say that there was nothing between them, except for common revolutionary ideas. Others suggest that this couple found time to relax in private from talking about a bright future for all workers and peasants.
Krupskaya also received rumors about the “mischief” of her spouse. It is clear that experienced. But an intelligent woman, instead of scandals, she … made friends with Inessa. Whether this “love triangle” really existed or not was not known for certain. However, with the support of Lenin (and Krupskaya too), Armand’s career progressed significantly in the Bolshevik Party.
But after the revolution of 1917 it becomes noticeable that Lenin and Armand no longer meet, and his loyal Nadezhda Konstantinovna is still with Vladimir Ilyich. And then fate contributed to the fate of these people. Inessa Armand caught cholera and died in 1920. A grave illness waited in the last years of his life and Lenin. But until his last breath, next to him was his Nadezhda Konstantinovna. The death that took away the leader is the only rival for whom Krupskaya had no arguments.

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