Named the best instant coffee 

The expert center of the Consumer Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of instant granulated coffee. The results of the examination are available to Lenti.ru.
Seven brand samples were examined: Nescafe, Jockey, Bondiva, Everyday, Auchan , Italica and MacCoffee / FAVORITE. Products were investigated in more than 30 parameters.
All tested samples were safe. Impurities are not detected, and the content of toxic elements does not exceed the norm.
However, it turned out that the products of the three brands do not correspond to the name “coffee” and the standard for the total glucose content. As a result, Jockey, Italica and MacCoffee / FAVORITE went to the Roskontrol blacklist for signs of fraud.
Other samples can be recommended for purchase. The most caffeine in coffee is Auchan and Bonvida – 4.48 and 4.37 percent, respectively.
Earlier, Roskontrol checked natural roasted ground coffee. Of the seven brands – Paulig, Carte Noire, Lavazza D’oro, Tchibo Exclusive, Bushido, Davidoff and Jockey – only Bushido was on the list of products with comments, the rest were recommended for purchase.

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