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Named the debut date of the helicopter Aurus 

The premiere of the Ansat helicopter with decoration in the Aurus style will be held at the MAKS-2019 air show . The exhibition will be held in Zhukovsky near Moscow from August 27 to September 1.
It is known about the new product that it is focused on the corporate and VIP transportation market, and in its development both the specialists of the Russian Helicopters holding company and NAMI representatives took part . Earlier it was reported that “Ansat” will receive a salon, made in the style of the car “Aurus”.
The Ansat itself has been produced at the facilities of the Kazan Helicopter Plant since 2013 and is an American-designed Pratt & Whitney PW-207K dual-engine unit. The return of each engine is 630 horsepower, which allows the helicopter to accelerate to 250 kilometers per hour.
As for the Aurus cars, they are currently produced in small batches at the NAMI assembly plant. However, after a year, production will be transferred to  the Ford Sollers plant in Alabuga. Earlier it was reported that the price of a limousine Aurus Senat L700 will be about 18 million rubles
In the autumn of 2019 it became known that the engine from the Aurus cars is planned to be installed on aircraft. The methodology for adapting the power plant for aviation is being worked out by the efforts of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM). P.I. Baranova.
Source: RIA “News”

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