Named the most expensive star Instagram 

The American TV star, model Kylie Jenner, has become the most “expensive” world star on Instagram. Publication in the tape 21-year-old girl is worth 1 266 million dollars. The list of celebrities with the most expensive posts on the social network was composed by the Hopper Hq agency, which deals with the management of Instagram profiles.
On the second line is the actress, singer Ariana Grande. The publication on its page costs 996 thousand dollars. Third place was taken recently released from charges of sexual harassment Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo . The cost of one post in his tape – 975 thousand dollars.

Closes the top five star TV show Kim Kardashian , singer Selena Gomez. The cost of their posts on Instagram is a little less than a million dollars.
The top 10 rating agencies include: actor, wrestler Duane “The Rock” Johnson, famous for the movie “Fast and Furious”, singer Beyonce, actress Taylor Swift, Brazilian football player Neymar da Silva and pop star Justin Bieber . Posts on their pages in the social network cost a little more than 700 thousand dollars.

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