Napoleon’s hair strand sold for almost 19 thousand euros 

MOSCOW, July 8 – RIA News. Napoleon’s hair strand was sold at Osenat in Fontainebleau for 18,650 euros, reports.
Napoleon presented it to his valet Constane Veri, who accompanied the emperor in all military campaigns from 1805 to 1813. In his turn, in 1811 Veri presented a strand to Michalon, the famous hairdresser and master of making wigs.
The authenticity of the artifact is confirmed by a note written by a valet hand:
“Here you will find, my dear friend, a strand of the Emperor’s hair, as I promised you. Take care of this gift, I did not want to give it to anyone, despite numerous requests from all sides. Accept assurances of my sincere friendship.”
Napoleon’s strands can often be found at auctions, but they were all removed after his death on St. Helena. Their average price is from three to ten thousand euros.

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