Natalia Podolskaya injured in Spain

Famous singer Natalia Podolskaya came down with an injury while on holiday in Spain. A celebrity was injured while playing badminton.
In Spain, Podolskaya spends time with her spouse Vladimir Presnyakov , 4-year-old son Artemy and his mother. In this European country, the family is already about a month. As Natalya regularly says, they go on excursions, take walks on yachts, have fun in children’s parks.
The singer says that she is very happy to finally spend time with her family, not thinking about work. In Moscow, she is not always able to devote time to her son. And in Spain, she can do it daily. Recently, for example, Natalia and Artemy went to conquer the ruins of the fortress. With Vladimir, the boy, according to Podolskaya, also spends a lot of time.
However, the other day Natalia’s vacation was somewhat spoiled by the incident that occurred at the time when the actress was playing badminton. The celebrity pulled back. As the singer herself said, she simply took a step, raising her hand, and felt a sharp pain. After that, Podolskaya fell to the ground and began to writhe in pain.
Natalia claims that her close relatives constantly surround her with care and help her to get on her feet as quickly as possible. In a social network, Podolskaya wrote that she was lying on a bed now, while they brought her breakfast and dinner on a tray. Due to injury, the singer had to cancel all immediate plans. Subscribers began to support the artist en masse and wish her a speedy recovery.
With her fans, Natalia really shares almost every event in her life. She has repeatedly published her photo, which poses without makeup. The appearance of the artist without makeup was liked by her subscribers, who asked to make such gifts to them more often.
Sometimes, however, users criticize Podolsky for one reason or another. In the spring, for example, as journalists of the news agency Express-News wrote, the singer was criticized for being too thin. Natalia showed fans a photo taken in the gym. It is clearly visible emaciated figure of a celebrity. Subscribers asked her to stop exhausting themselves with constant training and called for at least a little to get better.

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