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Nissan GT-R has passed the city test drive

In Russia, the cost of the Nissan GT-R sedan starts at 7,626,000 rubles. The experts conducted a test drive of the model on the roads of the city and decided to find out how it would surprise buyers for such a non-budget amount.
The history of “Japanese samurai”. In Russia, the Nissan GT-R sedan appeared only in 2007, although it was launched back in 1964. For a long time, the model went on sale exclusively with the right-hand drive and only in the domestic market of its country. Nevertheless, many car lovers dreamed about this vehicle, especially drifters and street racers, according to the Avtovzgold edition.
Since then, the sedan has been modernized, although the changes are not easy to notice. Under the hood, the power of the model increased from 530 to 555 hp, engineers improved downforce and aerodynamic properties, and increased the chassis.
Test drive through the city. For urban travel the car is adapted well enough, and therefore it is enough just to press down on the gas pedal a little to enjoy the road. Nevertheless, the dynamism and power of the car allows him to turn into a “furious samurai” in a matter of seconds, experts said.
In just three seconds, it accelerates to a speed of more than 100 km / h, and the maximum is limited to 350 km / h. When driving quietly, the load is distributed only on the rear axle, while for fast driving it is 50/50, which allows you to accelerate without slipping.
GT-R really allows you to feel the overload in 3-4g, which pilots of racing cars and fighters experience.
When you press the gas pedal – the GT-R literally tears up so that blood rushes to your ears. Moreover, there is no slip. In any case, behind the wheel of this car you need to get ready.
Interior equipment. In the cabin Nissan GT-R driver will appreciate the big screen, which displays all the indicators of the vehicle: oil level; turbine condition; engine temperature
True, the display will have no time, given the incredible dynamics of the GT-R.
There is also a powerful Bose audio system with 11 speakers and two subwoofers, allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks.
Total. Nissan GT-R is considered one of the most popular models in the world. Equipment and technical characteristics allow the car not only to carry out quiet city trips, but also to turn it into a racing car.
Fuel consumption in normal mode will be 17-18 liters, with a fast ride – 27 liters. The only caveat – you only need to go on the 95th gasoline.

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