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“Oil does not give effect”: infectious disease doctor dispelled some myths about ticks 

The specialist recommended that people going to the forest observe certain precautions: wear multi-layered clothing and carefully examine yourself upon returning home.
Infectious disease physician Alexander Uskov, in an interview with Zvezda, spoke about the myths associated with ticks. In particular, the expert dispelled the myth that sunflower oil will help to quickly extract the attached arachnid without consequences.

“Those methods that propagate do not give the desired effect: the use of aggressive liquids, oils. The tick will die, but will not leave the place of suction, it will still have to be removed mechanically. The simplest, most effective and affordable method is to remove by thread. The thread is tied between the trunk and the cephalothorax, gently removing the tick by the tip of the thread, ”said the doctor.


The doctor recommends independently removing the tick in this way only if at the given moment medical aid is not available, for example, when people are on the march.
“In any case, you need to contact a specialist who deals with tick-borne infections. Ticks should be submitted for testing to a certified laboratory. A timely visit to an infectious diseases physician will help not to miss the necessary symptoms if the arachnid appears to be a carrier of a dangerous disease, ”the expert advised.
While walking in the woods, Alexander Uskov recommended that certain precautions be observed: wear multi-layered clothing and carefully examine yourself when you return home.
“Ticks do not fall from the trees. This is another myth. They climb no higher than a meter on a bush or high grass, sit and wait for their prey to which they cling, ”the doctor concluded.
Earlier, Andrei Tyazhelnikov , chief freelance specialist of the Moscow Department of Health for primary health care for the adult population, told how ticks find victims.

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