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Part of the Aston Martin Vulcan supercars will be made road

Engineers are already developing a kit to convert the Aston Martin Vulcan extreme track supercar into a road car. This was announced by the head of the company in an interview with Autocar.

At the same time, he clarified that the road Vulcan will not go straight off the assembly line, and the circulation of the car (24 copies in total) is not planned to be increased. It is assumed that after-sales refinement of the machines will be undertaken by the engineering motorsport company Ray Mallock Ltd. (RML).

Sam Aston Martin Vulcan estimated 2.59 million dollars. According to Autocar, its subsequent refinement will cost a six-figure sum. That is hundreds of thousands.

The process of turning Vulcan into a road car will take about three months. As a result, the car will receive all the necessary improvements that will allow it to obtain permission for use on public roads, as well as make it more convenient for normal driving. This means that specialists will have to work on the active and passive safety of the supercar, increase its ground clearance and make changes to the gearbox operation algorithm.

Most likely, during the modification process, cars will also receive unique custom-made modifications from the owners.

In total, it is planned to build 4 or 5 “civilian” versions of the Aston Martin Vulcan .

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