Passport found in mountains since 1978 found in mountains

A curious discovery was made by a group of climbers during their July ascent to the Elbrus region to the top of 3800 meters. The team mastered the northeast ridge of the peak and stumbled upon the remnants of an allegedly avalanche-ridden camp. Probably, it was broken by amateur tourists or climbers.
Through the snow, the remains of skins, tents, helmets, first-aid kits, ice axes and other things were clearly guessed. But the most valuable finding was a well-preserved passport in the name of Andrey Fedorovich Tatarchenko, born in 1959. Climbers noted that at the time of the planned avalanche Tatarchenko was registered in a dormitory on Lomonosovsky Prospekt in Moscow.

The climbers who found these curious things note that, judging by the notes of their colleagues, an avalanche, which the campground had swept under itself, occurred in 1978. They believe that it was precisely since then that the passport and other items were kept under a layer of snow.

The fate of the man whose documents were found in the Elbrus region in July 2019, still remains a mystery. But if you know the one who fits the above description, please write in the comments.

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