Plus-size model Yulya Rybakov: “I agreed to undress completely” 

One of the brightest girls in Russia told about the national viewer, the negative and the shooting of nude.
“Haters are like the sun, stable with me”
– Julia, you are such a bright girl, and we are not talking about hair color. Has it been since childhood?
– In childhood I was quiet and inconspicuous. But she secretly dreamed that I would grow and flourish. Apparently, the time has come, the energy is unpacked. By the way, the color of the hair was also for self-expression, and now, having already sated enough attention, I want to be calm, change the hair color to natural.
– Why did you decide to start a blog?
– Not because of originality: all the artists and media people have already done this, I thought, this fashion for a short while, but I saw that everything was just growing. The topics were not at first special, but then the subscribers themselves organized it by asking me questions. Slowly came the concept – about motivation, my dreams, development, in general about my life and plans.
– You, like a popular blogger, can meet negative subscribers. How do you react to criticism?
– Before, I reacted very painfully, even cried … But then I realized that this cannot be avoided – as the sun comes out and sets every day, it is stable and forever, I have such haters (smiles). Stable and, apparently, to the end with me.
– There are some areas in which you have not yet taken place, but I would like very much? What you have to give up to have time to build a career?
– I rarely refuse something, maybe only because of lack of time.
Now it is interesting for me to develop my YouTube channel “Not a Women’s Business”, and I want to allocate more time for it. And, of course, to scale my advertising agency, I plan to launch an application with different media icons.
“I consider my body beautiful, despite large volumes”
– In the clip for Anya Sedokova, you can be seen in a very interesting way! How did you decide? Tell me about shooting!
– The shooting went very well and mentally, I say in such moments: “The puzzle has come together”.
When I went to the site, I didn’t know about the naked scenes, and it wasn’t written in the script that it would be like this, in the frame we were in the bathroom with my partner for the role in the laundry. Then the director told me to finish the scene where I was alone, and I saw that the laundry in the frame spoils the view very much! And agreed to undress completely. There was a curtain (smiles), and I consider my body beautiful, in spite of large volumes, I think in old age I will remember these shots with great pleasure.
– Is it difficult to be a plus-size model in Russia? Are Russians grateful and open?
– The problem is one – the viewer! Our ready to gawk, not supporting. Those who value and love me here are mostly plus-size men and girls. More abroad sincerely appreciate the form, there is a lot of work in this direction, more opportunities, and many more foreign glossies take on the covers of the models plus. We will start it in ten years, I think. No matter how late! But I will no longer work as a model, just sincerely rejoice over those who wait for this fashion and get into the round.
– What should a girl do if she also wants to become a plus-size model?
– Take care of yourself, look for your chip, advertising agencies, make a portfolio. The fact is that in any direction, plus-size or not, you need to show perseverance and hard work, then you get the result.
– Do you have benchmarks among colleagues, people you follow with pleasure?
– I like Kim Kardashian
– Do you think that fans adore you the most?
– Honestly I do not know. I thought I was inspiring with motivation, but when I complained a couple of times, they were very supportive. Given that it is me who should charge them, as a motivator, for new achievements. And at that moment I realized that they love me all.
And by the way, I no longer imagine myself without a blog (smiles)! I share a lot with my subscribers, and this is a necessity even – every day something to tell them useful.
“I do not believe men who just chat”
– Recently you wrote to Instagram that a reboot is necessary. Often there are such moments?
– There are, but more from fatigue: I have little rest, since I prefer to be busy with something. Rest can not be measured, as you rest – good or bad, neither the amount of tanning, nor the number of cocktails drunk, but the work can be measured – at least with money. And it is very motivating. But the human body must rest, and therefore nature takes its toll.
– What is happiness?
– Happiness is when you and your loved ones are healthy, all needs are closed, you are calm and you can realize your dreams easily and with pleasure. Happiness periodically covers me, and I feel it a couple of times a week for sure. But kickbacks happen, probably, like everyone else.

– What are the three most important rules in life you have?
– There are no rules as such, but there are actions that are important in my life:
Always work and love work.
Grow and always learn.
Meditate and be spiritually filled.
Get enough sleep, my hands before eating and love your body.
More than three came out!
– You wrote that love is an illusion. What should a man be to charm you? Is there still love?
– I do not need to fascinate, the main thing is not to disappoint. There is love, of course, we love children, relatives, friends, animals, even favorite things, actions. But in a man I appreciate the care, attention … It is very important that there is a man nearby who knows how to take responsibility and fulfill the promise. Maybe my age is like that and a period in my life when I am not ready to waste time on illusions and do not believe men who just chat. Love – prove by actions.
In general, for me, respect is more important than love. It will pass the state of love, and the partner may not like it, but if you respect each other, this is forever – a strong alliance, this is already a full-fledged family.
And when together it’s just fun to hang out, laze around and have sex, it’s all satiated, annoying and frustration goes on. It’s great to share responsibility together, to go towards goals and to be like-minded people who respect each other.

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