Posner ruled out the transformation of Russian into American 

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner said that the Russian, after moving to the United States, in his opinion, cannot become an American, and vice versa. According to a journalist’s blog, he answered a question during one of his meetings.
“I can only say one thing – you will always be a foreigner. Keep this in mind. No matter how you learn English, what progress you have – you will never be an American, ”Posner stressed.
According to the host, leaving the country is only when you can no longer live there. “Because if I grew up here – this is my country, my language, here are my loved ones. Everything is mine, ”noted Posner. However, the journalist noted that leaving for a better life is a slightly different approach.
He added that the same can be said about an American who comes to Russia – “he will never be Russian”. “It is just necessary to understand a priori,” concluded the facilitator.
Earlier, Posner listed things that depress him in Russia. In particular, he called apathy, laziness, lack of citizenship among Russians and the feeling that they themselves are responsible for the country.

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