Postcard reached the addressee after 26 years 

A resident of the American city of Springfield, Illinois, received a postcard dated 1993. Reports about this information portal UPI.
An unusual message came by Kim Draper on July 8th. At first the woman decided that the postman had the wrong address. Later she carefully studied the postcard and found out that she was sent to past residents of the house Muhammad Ali Kizilbash and Leena on July 8 exactly 26 years ago. In a letter, their father described his trip to Hong Kong.
“The postcard was well preserved, given that it was gathering dust at the post for 26 years,”
– stressed Draper in a conversation with reporters.
The woman told the local media about what happened to find the people mentioned in the package.
“I was hoping that someone would see the news in a local newspaper, perhaps their relative would notice and contact me,” she said. – I really want to meet them. I can not throw a card in the trash. “

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