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Pregnant complained on the web to the “mouse” family 

A pregnant woman, one of the users of Reddit complained on the Internet that the behavior of her mother-in-law is annoying and frightening. The post went viral, and commentators from around the world supported it on Twitter.
According to a 34-year-old woman, members of her husband’s family collect figurines of mice and treat them like real relatives. Her marriage suffers. After the wedding, the father-in-law and the mother-in-law presented a pair of figurines of mice.
According to the daughter-in-law, every mouse in this family has its own history and role. Each member of the family voices one of the figures with a squeaky voice. For example, the father-in-law with the mouse asked for her treats, demanding that she communicate with the figure. Relatives get upset when a woman ignores mice. However, things got worse when she announced pregnancy. The father-in-law showed her two grandchildren mice. This angered the woman, and the relatives on behalf of the mouse called her a dumbass.

At first, the woman complained about what was happening in the thread, the discussion thread in the social network, where the strange actions of users are analyzed. She was worried whether she could show discontent with her husband’s family behavior. As a result, the discussion was transferred to the relationship thread. After some time, the thread was removed, but some users made screenshots of the publication and uploaded them to the Internet.
The situation was most disturbed by Twitter users. They called the relatives of the pregnant woman crazy and advised her to divorce her husband and “disappear” from the life of this family.

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