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Putin instructed to develop mechanisms for providing low-income families with housing 

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government by October 10, 2019 to develop mechanisms for providing families with low income housing with conditions for its public ownership. According to the Kremlin press service, such an instruction was given as a result of an audit of compliance with the legislation and decisions of the head of state on housing.

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“To the Government of the Russian Federation, in order to improve the living conditions of the population and increase the volume of housing construction within the framework of the national project“ Housing and Urban Environment ”by 2024, ensure the development of additional mechanisms for providing citizens with low incomes under the conditions of their preservation in public ownership”, says the document.
The president also instructed to take measures to centralize at the level of the subjects of the Russian Federation the functions of a technical customer for the construction of housing for social use.
By September 1, the head of state expects proposals from the Cabinet and regional authorities “on the advisability of limiting by a single provision at the expense of budget funds subsidies to citizens for the payment of the initial payment or compensation for the interest rate on mortgage loans.”
Another assignment concerns the need to ensure the formation of land for the provision of individual housing construction and the achievement of the commissioning of such housing by 2024 at a level of over 40 million square meters. meters per year. At the same time, it will be necessary to approve plans for the implementation of complex individual housing construction projects on such land plots, including measures for the preparation of appropriate infrastructure and industrial construction of houses.

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