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Radish and banks: Soviet methods of treatment 

Fashionable nebulizers, expensive sprays and cough syrups – why all this? Here we were once treated without them – and nothing alive! About the most strange, unforgettable, and – what a sin to conceal – sometimes the truth is effective means from the first-aid kits of our mothers, read below.
What was on the list of first-aid equipment for every self-respecting parent?


Has you blown back? Tortured cough? Jumped up the boil? Banks came to the rescue at any ailment. The principle is simple: they were placed on the back or chest, a vacuum was created inside, and the banks were firmly stuck. You were lying motionless, and they mockingly jingled, telling your mother that you dared to scratch or sigh. Half an hour later, the blood circulation was supposedly improved and the disease was hurriedly leaving the young organism. Above the mystery, who and, most importantly, as he first thought of this procedure, it is pointless to fight. One thing is clear: the effectiveness of the cans has not yet been proven by any certified doctor.
Balm “Star”
Open the grandmother’s nightstand and inhale the enchanting aroma of a real Soviet childhood! Yes, the smell of Vietnamese balsam, which once produced a furor in our pharmacies, will not disappear from here even after 100 years. But, besides jokes, the odorous ointment from a round jar can still be successfully cured and myositis, and runny nose. Unless, of course, the disease is not running due to the vain and prolonged use of cans …
Rubbing alcohol and vinegar
The nightmare of Dr. Komarovsky ever made all our mothers live. Why poison child antipyretic! At temperatures above 38 you were stripped naked and carefully rubbed with diluted alcohol or vinegar. Then they wrapped them in two blankets and left them to recover … Well, if you read this, it means that the skin is intact, and poisoning by evaporation has not killed you. But still we do not advise you to tempt fate on your children.

Mustard powder

With a cold or when your mom found your wet feet, those legs should be thoroughly stung. You were seated on a stool in the bathroom, and your limbs were dipped into a basin of hot water. In order not to leave a cold to chances, mustard powder was often poured in there, and you were ready for the rest of your days not to get sick, if only your fingers and feet would leave this branch of hell! from the upper body, and the same nose set aside. The main thing is not to soar when the child has a fever – will jump even higher without any mustards.

Potato inhalations

Do not tell grandma’s socks with your nebulizer! In it, even steam is not hot! Whether the case of a saucepan with potatoes. Remember: you were planted over her, covered her head with a towel and forced to breathe, while the contents of the nose and drove straight to the future garnish … But you have to admit: such inhalations perfectly liquefy the sputum, and the cough became much softer.

Iodine net

Our mothers drew this medical masterpiece with pleasure at the first opportunity. On the priest — after the injections, so that there are no “bumps”, on the back and chest — during bronchitis, and the particularly inventive ones “spotted” even the bruises. The fact that this is a funny placebo or a real way to increase blood circulation in a sore spot – doctors still think. But worse, as they say, will not … And the children like it.

Radish with honey

Moms knew this cough medicine from their great-grandmothers: cut a flank from the root, make a deep hole inside, pour in some honey and cover it with a cut side, like a lid. A day later, in a radish pot, a good cough medicine was waiting for you, cheap and not cloying – unlike modern syrups.

Fish fat

Nasty yellow balls or amber liquid forced to swallow all Soviet children. Today, fish oil treats ADHD, hypertension, skin diseases, and even hormonal imbalances. But in those years, mothers did not go into subtleties and fed us fat “just in case” and “because it is useful.” For those who were not lucky with the pancreas, the “usefulness” was immediately torn back along with the breakfast. Others, apparently, still thanks for the good fertility and smooth skin of a horse’s dose of fish oil.


An absolute medical hit in our childhood were yellow sweet balls with a sour heart. Issued once a day for 2 pieces – for the prevention of SARS and increase immunity. Nobody wanted to be ill, and the balls were tasty and funny, and we independently increased the doses to 20-30 pieces … Everyone remembers the consequences: cheeks, red from allergies, and the priest, red from the father’s belt. But the truth and sick less often than modern children!

Linseed oil for lice

This now, hearing at the meeting this three-letter word, moms are ready to take the child out of the garden forever! Although there is a mass of funds, from which you can’t remember about head lice the next morning … The fight with our mother’s head lice was much more interesting. In order not to shave us lightly, mothers rushed around the city in search of linseed oil (although any vegetable would have suited), melted it in a saucepan and smeared their favorite curls … The oil blocked oxygen for the parasites and they died. And it also facilitated combing. It is a pity, it was necessary to carry out the procedure more than once, but what could not be done for the beloved child!

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